Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lovely Poodle

My Lovely Poodle picture is also a scribbler.
I actually discovered the full thing, and then just erased some stuff and added a nose along with extra details.
At first I couldn't figure out how to do the fur, but then I colored it a cream color and used the finger smudge affect to make it appear fluffy. Later though my brother said in order to make poodle fur you just need to draw curls. I thought about that and then went ahead and added whiter curls over the fluffy cream fur I had already added.
It came out quite nicely in my opinion. And the way I knew how poodle fur was supposed to look is because my friend Olivia has a pet poodle, the big kind that's all fluffy.
The last thing I added were the hearts in the background. I thought the background looked sorta empty and plain, so I added the heart to match with the collar. And then looking at all the hearts and the cute look of the dog, I decide to name her Lovely Poodle.

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