Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lost In Cyberspace-collages

Lost in Cyberspace is a growing collection of collages based around the internet and technology. Since most of these pictures are free floating and wedged in a folder, I'm thinking of adding them as interest to my Blue Tech journal or my Neon City journal.

I find that when I don't have much to write about in a book, I create subjects around an art piece or several art pieces revolving around a theme. This makes journal keeping and art making more enjoyable, in my experience.

(Cyber System Search- Apr. 10, 2017- Measures around 12 x 21 cm. )

Within the computer, the cyber system search lady turns your words into code so the rest of the system knows how to proceed. She rides upon a floating platform that travels across electricity and numbers to get from one system to another.

Created using part of a fios ad, stencils, jell pen, flier images, scraps of paper, and marker.
(Cyber Boot- Apr. 14, 2017- left- measures around 5 x 14 cm.) (Goo Glow- Apr. 14, 2017- right- measures around 7 x 4 cm.)

Cyber Boot and Goo Glow are super mini collages made from scraps of paper, jell pen, marker, and stenciling (Tim Holtz splat and letter stencil).

These were random scrap collages, and the boot was a shape I just found in some refuse.

These minis could represent lost files within a computer, somewhere in scattered code.
(Cyberspace Repair 7-May 30, 2017- measures around 18.5 x 30 cm.)

In Cyberspace Repair 7, system fixes happen. Diva 1 roams this city and owns a cyber ship for high speed travel. 

This collage was inspired by paper scraps that reminded me of high heeled boots, and accents to a tight green suit. Character is hand drawn, the rest is done with green wrapping paper, paper scraps, marker, pen, and flier pictures. I left a view of just the background before adding Diva 1 (right).

(System Clean Up- Measure's around 8.5x11''- completed Sept. 21, 2017)

This collage represents system and program clean up, along with good habits of keeping computer equipment dusted on a daily basis. 

cyber girl 3 is the only name I currently have for the figure in the collage. Character is hand drawn and colored with Prismacolor markers. Her design was inspired by yet another scrap of paper that looked like an odd jacket with no sleeves. 

Cyber girl 3 ensures system clean up is remembered. She stands on a gold hover platform to move easily from one place to another.

Background and background elements are flier images, character is made on white card stock, her suit is made from green wrapping paper and scrap card stock, with marker and pen accents. 

 (Electric Orbit Internet Connection- Measures around 5x8.5''- Completed Sept. 22, 2017)

One of my favorite cyber girls is Electric Orbit, who ended up representing internet connection. Orbit was originally meant to wear the odd over coat which ended up on cyber girl 3. I liked Orbit without it, so I left her suit design alone and made cyber girl 3 just so I could use the over coat somewhere. 

Orbit is hand drawn and colored with Prismacolor markers on white card stock, with green scrapbook paper, marker, and pen accents. 

This collage was done directly on a page in the Blue Tech journal. The background itself is speckled, white card stock from Stampin Up; then I did a bit of stenciling using a Tim Holtz stencil and a light blue Le Plume marker for texture, and then added a corner bit and a floor with letter texture which was from a flier. Final details (the electric current that ripples from finger to finger on Orbit) were also clippings from an ad.

(Cyber Run Search Loading- Measures around 2.5x4''- completed Sept. 26, 2017)

Cyber Run is a mini afterthought collage created using random scraps of flier and wrapping paper, along with some hand drawing, marker, and sparkly pink jell pen. 

This collage represents code loading through search. Cyber run is a fun and fit little icon who's sure to get your giggle-bites going.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Asian theme- on the craft desk

Aug. 19, 2017

At the craft desk again, I've been doing on/off work through the weeks relating to Asian themed journals and accessories. I've done Asian books before, but I still had a whole bag of stuff relating to it, and have needed to get it out of the way.

After a bit of spontaneous brain storming and less thought just hand work, I clumped together a book themed around all my favorite instant noodles that I like from the Asian store.
It doesn't take much to fill a book that can only be 1'' thick, so I still had plenty of leftover things like an entire bag of noodle packaging I've been saving for collage, art bags, and whatever else that may come to mind for journal accessories to use personally or to sell.

Some extra things were worked out on the cover, but I found a cereal box as a base, and a rice bag for decoration worked well for a noodle book. I also discovered that rice bags are not only heavy duty, but rather sticky resistant. The double stick tape I used to hold it down didn't quite take on the edges, and I had to manually poke holes in them before sewing some looped stitching in black around them.
The sewing actually gave the edges an interesting touch, and did the job of holding them down.

Aside from the noodle book, I also added some other items from the Asian bag into already existing Asian books of mine. That helped pare down some of the build up in the bag and make for some interesting writing subjects in the books.
Sometimes I see funny things when sitting among my piles of junk, like an eye of a woman's face peeking at me from behind the layers of fliers (left). It's one of those moments of 'suddenly I feel watched'.

Despite the fact I reach into the piles and feel like I progress, standing back and seeing what I still have makes me feel like I haven't progressed enough. One bag gets organized and emptied during a project, but the leftovers end up in another bag, like all those Asian noodle packets in a corner (right).

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Beach Beauty Doll Accessories

Back on July 2, 2017, I started making some accessories for my Ella doll. Throughout July I continued making a few small things to go with her beach outfit.
I made her this Sea Turtle Shanty belt from a link of turtle charms by Blue Moon Beads.
Teal and old gold have always caught my eye, and these looked great with the colors of Ella's bathing suit. Originally I made the belt to go on Lagoona Blue, but found the colors worked better for Ella.
Later in the month I had some leftover bits of stretch cord from stone bracelet making. This gave me an idea to make very tiny bracelets for the dolls. 

I used tiny plastic beads and flowers from one of my bead bins, struggled a bit to tie the ends together, but managed. The easiest way to slip them on an Ever After High doll is to pop off their hands and slip on the bracelet. 

though the bracelets are made with stretch cord, I found they don't really stretch well over the splayed fingers of the dolls, so popping off the hands or arms of the dolls and slipping them on that way works best.
I've had a piece of pretty pink lace with a flower sequin edge in my trim bin for years. It seemed like the perfect thing to turn into a lacy scarf for the dolls, so I folded the ends and hand tacked them down to make it scarf worthy.
The final accessory I made was a shell bag, created from part of a garlic bag and a bit of chartreuse colored yo-yo string.
I made it a draw string bag with two handles, sewed the top edged down with a bit of white thread, then plopped in some painted baby shells.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Watercolor Palette Pictures

Back on March 21, 2017, I had taken a picture of this watercolor palette, finding interest in the colors and natural splat textures. 
I had been working on some watercolor backgrounds at the time, ran out of green on one of my pans,
so I borrowed this one. The colors are all my favorite combos, in shades of the elements.

Ideas relating to that subject remained in memory, and while I looked back on this photo today, I saw an opportunity to use parts of the picture as backgrounds for small sketches.
After some selecting and editing, I assembled the 8 block collection of watercolor palette backdrops.
It was then a matter of playing with the textures, so I sketched out little characters in each block to represent the elements. From top left to bottom right- Fire, water, air, ice, stone, and earth.

I did other things with these blocks which you can find on the post- Elemental Palette.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Little Things Journal and writing quotes

Today at A.C Moore I got a new, blank, five dollar journal because I liked the quote slapped on the front in metallic gold. I played with photo settings and displayed it with a fiery red mechanical pencil that could be mistaken as a pen (right).
"Enjoy the Little things" is a message that motivates me. I was recently reminded of how important the little things are, hence why this book caught my attention.
I was aiming for a kind of hipster postcard style with these pictures. The one on the right with a fire background was just an experiment, but something about it seems to hint a symbolic message. I guess summer writing just got hotter. The setting was done by placing scrapbook paper down on the desk and in the background (wood pattern, and the fire breathing dragon page from the Once Upon A Time stack).
I wanted to set the book and pen into a cozier setting like a coffee shop, but since I haven't been to a coffee shop with nice big windows in a long while, I approached the scene digitally. 
I remembered several pictures I took some years ago while at a coffee shop, and the windows there were nice. All I needed to do was copy a section of that photo, blur it a bit, and paste it in as a background. 
Figuring out indoor lighting can be tricky at times, which is why I played with warm or muted color for the photo, deciding to go with the warmer light version.

I marked my new book as mine by first adding to the very front page about where I got the book, who it belongs to, and what date it was purchased. A little stamping was added for interest.

I've come to like the idea of doing this for every new journal, the occasional reminder of where and when I got something pleasing to me.

I played around with the red pen too. It became a postcard base for self reflective quotes.

First I kept it in full color, then kept just the pen in color, then phased over to a final black and white version of the picture.

I sort of wasn't planning on making three quote cards with different settings of the same image, but it happened. The first two were last minute sayings which I decided to use for the image versions that didn't fit the mood of my main quote.
I will note that I'm sure similar words have no doubt been said by someone out there, just in a slightly different way.
My main quotes were put on the pictures I felt fit the mood best. The main reason I made them was for personal, self reflective purposes. I hope to one day use these pictures as cards in a journal, and write about the subject of why I made them, and what they mean to me.
I went through several artsy photos before settling with my postcard, and felt that the other pictures were a nice way to show one of my journals I've had on the shelf for years. It's a nice whimsical one with brown paper pages, found at Michael's for a couple dollars many years back.

On the front it has some raised chipboard elements, sparkly accents, and a little saying, "Ah there you are!" The page edges are painted gold, and the book is ribbon bound through two brad covered holes. Sometime I may go into more detail about the little journal and its purple sister.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Action Men and the Great Zarelda book cover concept

"Action Men and the Great Zarelda" (concept book cover).

For nearly a week I had dreamed about a concept book cover for the upcoming second book "Action Men and the Great Zarelda" by Susan Clark.

I just wanted to play around with some ideas, and have a bit of PSE fun, so I chose to try a book cover concept based off of a story by someone I'm acquainted with.

I drew off what I already knew about her second book. Zarelda is an evil magician who wears a red dress, has black wavy hair, and a certain kind of seduction which is not to be trusted. All the signs are obvious at the beginning of the story, the first and several other chapters sampled on Susan's blog (that's how I figured out all the basic details I needed to know).

I aimed to make the book cover give you a sense of some mysterious danger that comes with the Zarelda story.

After finishing it I felt excited, thought how nice of a book cover this could be. But I knew this would remain a concept of inspiration, not to be used for Susan's next self published book.

One of the reasons for that is that the photos I used to create this digital collage aren't mine, but rather selections of different pictures from Google images. I used selections of two different people's hands from photos of fortune tellers, a selection of someones black wavy hair, half of someones face with the right smile, a heavily tweaked image of a magicians hat which once had gloves hanging over it, and an image of theatrical red curtains.

Even if turned into a painting by my hand, it would still remain just a silly poster. There were some different ideas that I could have played with too, but I decided to set those ideas aside instead of pursuing them for fun. Certain elements of what Susan was going for were things like a cowboy hat (a theme based off of items from her character Jack's wardrobe), blue feathers, maybe more of a body view of Zarelda. I had some interesting ideas in my head of what I could do, but decided to leave the ideas as sketches in on paper for the time being.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Deep Sea Fish- Spiked Snail Trail-collages

 (Deep Sea Fish- June 5, 2017- measures 8.5 x 6'')

More collage pieces done with tiny scraps that normally would get tossed. "Deep Sea" is a mix of small paper pieces glued down and combined with jelly roll moon pen drawing on black scrapbook paper. The eyes were colored with Le Plume marker, and drawn with pen.

The actual size of the art piece is 8.5x11'', meant to be a journal page, but I cropped the picture for sharing.
The lettering and fish bodies are basic doodling. What really inspired the picture was the tooth shapes of the large fish. It was a few scraps from something else I cut out using decorative edge scissors.

 (Spiked Snail Trail- June 5, 2017- measures around 9 x 5 cm.)

Making collages from very small paper scraps didn't end there for the day. I played around with super tiny scrap that had to be glued on using tweezers.

The snail was inspired by the swirl shape in the white paper scrap, and I went from there, using a bit of white and metallic green jell pen for accents.

Spike Snail Trail seemed like a silly fantasy business name, so I added it to this collage no bigger than a business card.