Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Truffino Chocolate Junk Journal

I have a lot of things stashed into categories, stuff I've been trying to go through and get into books. The Truffino journal is a book themed around fancy chocolates, and was a way to use certain elements I've saved forever. 

This book was completed on Aug. 14, 2016.  It's spine width is about an inch, which means I couldn't add more than two fat signatures which caused it to bulk even at that. To keep it less splayed I added a black satin ribbon around it as a closure (left). 

To the right is the back inner cover, a brown swirly scrapbook paper that's been glazed and then accented with craft tape. I simply folded over the box sides to complete it.
The cover itself is made from a Truffino box, the gold foil eye catching to me since I'm big on shiny stuff. Not only can you reflect your thoughts in the book, but the book reflects you, literally. :P
Side views, you can see how the book splays on the left, and how puffy the contents are on the right.
First page and the front inner cover make the introduction warm and inviting. Great part is the inner part of the box came like that, so I only had to cover the back side of the book. 

Most of the packaging I find pleasing in this book are the ones for liqueur chocolate cherries.
I liked the color of this Belgium Blonde Ale box, it matched the chocolate boxes I chose for the book, so I settled on using it and even created a tuck spot, complete with tag. 

Speaking of tags, all throughout the book I added tags to my tuck spots and pockets, each made from basic flat toned papers that matched the color scheme. And in each of the journals I make, I face the challenge of finding ways to use up every bit of the packaging I incorporate into the book, that includes the end tabs of boxes and such. I find that using the ends of packaging as pull tabs on tags is a fun way to use up the scraps.
The thing I love about chocolate packaging is all the foil paint they add, like on the Godiva package to the left. One of my favorite pages though is the one where I used a Toblerone box and Lindor bag (right). I'm not sure why I like the colors of it, but I do know this is the only spot in the journal where blue was incorporated.
This had to be my favorite pocket spot in the whole book. I loved the bag before, and now I'm happy to have found a place to use it. These chocolate cherries were great, one of the reasons I saved the bag to remember the brand. 
I was inspired to add my own hand cut cherries on a string, made from scrapbook paper, marker, and clear emboss. the idea of hanging things from center strings came from Ephemeras Vintage Garden, her trademark to add hearts on the ends of her signature strings.
I made a video flip through of course, just of the basic book with its tags.

I'm not sure yet whether I want to keep this one or sell it. This is an issue I've been having trouble settling on for all my journals, having to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to sell. If I do decide to sell any one of them I'll be sure to add a link in the video description or somewhere....but currently I haven't made a decision.

Bringing up that subject, I may start trying to add more scrapbook paper to my books in the near future, and lean towards making quirky scrapbooks with less junk stuff.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Candy Cane Cookie Journal- incomplete

As mentioned in the Jingle In July Journals-sneak peek I'm sharing the first of the three journals displayed in that post.
The reason I say the Candy Cane Cookie journal is incomplete is because it's missing a few small details. The front cover has part of a Candy Cane Joe Joe's box glued to it, but the back remains being flat. I wanted to add the same image to the back of the book as I did the front, but only one side of the cookie box has a vertical image, the other half didn't look right as part of the book cover. Unfortunately I only had one saved cookie box, and Trader Joe's only gets these cookies in during December, so I'll have to wait till the season comes around again to get another box of cookies and complete the cover of this journal.

By that time I hope to have completed internal details and made it into a kept journal that I can then share in its complete form.

I used a cereal box, brown paper that's been crinkled, brown and metallic gold paint, Candy Cane Joe Joe's box, and scrapbook paper to make my cover. All of it has been sealed with Liquitex satin varnish.
The spine of the cookie box served well as a spine accent on the book I think. Kind of has a Nutcracker story vibe to it. You can see from the side it's a rather filled book of random materials making up a total of five signatures.

It has everything from Target holiday bags that have been sewn together, plain paper, striped paper, old calendar print outs, scrap doodle pages, flier pages, envelopes, and food packaging.
The main themes I was going for with this book revolve around holiday desserts, candy, gifts, and surprises. My front page choice was a flier image of a peppermint candy cake, complimented by candy cane colored scrapbook paper as the inner cover.
I had to think of creative ways on how to make signatures out of the many different materials I wanted to use, some of them varying in size and shape. after some experimentation I found a way to add everything in while keeping my favorite pictures in tact. 
The second page of this book makes me happy because on one side we have the cake and its recipe, on the other we have a bag that says icing. Put the two together and you have icing on the cake. :P

Below I have a video flip through of this incomplete journal. One day I hope to show a video of it with more added, but till then enjoy the following.

The Four Elements-male fashion

The four elements, based off the traditional color schemes for the elements in the Bionicle universe. As mentioned in the Onu Glow Weed Male fashion design  I decided to take the outlines of those designs and apply different themes to them.

I saw how fitting just the outlines alone were for the four elements theme, something about each one just seeming to lend itself to the concept. 
Out of all of them, air is still my favorite design, but water had to be the most eye catching to me as I worked on it.
 I Found myself glued to the screen when I discovered the perfect gradient for that glowing bottom edge of this fancy tribal outfit, and went through accessory stages which I displayed beneath the main one.
I liked the way it looked as just a skirt, then I added a sash, and played around with making a hand designed tattoo pattern.

Each design excluding earth, contains subtle symbolism relating to Bionicle. The three wavy green line patterns for air with accents of plants for jungle, the horizontal wavy line with ocean waves and symbol on the belt for water, and the fire emblem on the belt plus symbols on the bracelets for the fire costume.
I even experimented with adding a fire Glatoran helmet to the fire costume, just for interest. The tattoo and fire designs on the costume are Glatorian symbols from the Bionicle universe, and I found they made nice accents.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jingle In July Journals-sneak peek

Jingle In July journals, a coin name invented by someone in the junk journal community to describe Christmas themed books made in the summer.

I've been working on a total of three Christmas books for almost my entire July. It started with the middle one shown in the picture, but didn't end there when I found I had lots of materials left to make more Christmas based journals. I had plans to make only two, but as always I found I could only bind so much with the wire sizes I had in particular colors, so I had to split the second journal and make a third. 
In the end it all turned out fine, proper contents and colors winding up in the right book after I split the pages for the Winter Wonderland journal and used the more country shades and earth tones to make the Cozy Christmas book (shown on the left).

I'll try to get more in depth on the details of these books in separate posts later on. Still have quite a lot of work to do in each of them, mostly detail work.

It seems that July must just be one of those months that brings out the want for colder seasons...specifically December. Even Joann's advertises towards this odd new craze, which makes me ask myself how many people like making Christmas crafts in July? And is this a common thing?

The reason I started it is because every summer for many years now, I find myself dreaming of the colder months when it gets really hot out. 

In my case I seem to get in the mood for the opposite season in art depending on the time of year. If it's summer I feel relaxed making winter themed things. If it's spring I'll want Autumn, and if it's winter I'll get summery ideas. 
I find that instead of waiting to do something seasonal when it's the season, I do better making themes out of season. 

The reason I started my recent Christmas journal craze is because I started wanting to experiment with all the fliers I had on hand, and gathered together a bunch of Christmas ones. I also found that during my work on these books, I realized something silly.
I like holidays as concepts in a fantasy setting. In real life they don't have the same charm or balance that they do in my head, and that to me is the beauty of imaginary settings; everything is more fun to me when it's in fantasy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Onu Glow Weed Male fashion design

I loved making Onu Koro Glow Weed fashion design so much that I decided to  make male versions to match alongside the ladies' versions displayed in reference below. 

I find it rather challenging to design costumes and clothes for guys, and tried to make it look pretty while still keeping it masculine. Lots of my inspiration for costume comes from my love for Cirque Du Soleil. Costumes likes these, including the fancy tribal ones with skirt flaps I think would look just fine in a Cirque setting under black light.

My favorite design as a basic clothing article has to be the third design from the left. I may use all the basic line art I used here to make a second set of costumes in different colors.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Recycled Sticker Book

Completed on June 23, 2016.

You know those sticker books that you can get for kids with the glossy pages you can keep a sticker collection on? I've always loved those kinds of books, especially when I was a kid, and vaguely remember having one I kept stickers in. 

Sticker books like those always seemed useful in the sense of storage and crafting, especially when you junk journal and like specific stickers that come off packaging. For years I've wanted to make one for storing random stickers of all kinds, ranging from collected stickers off packaging, to scrapbook stickers that came loose from their original backing. 
What better place to keep track of your sticker collection than in a specific book made for holding them. This is why after so many years of putting it off, I finally made my own sticker book using scrap material I've been saving for something like this.
Having a Zutter cutter (Bind-It-All) made this project super simple, but the materials I used can easily be made into signatures and sewn together as a traditional book. I like the wire spine for the sake of expansion and the aspect of it laying completely flat while I browse for the right stickers.

I had some leftover scraps of chip board, and after cutting it to size I glued on some scrapbook paper that made me happy, then sealed it with a liquitex satin varnish to protect it.
Whimsical flowers and polka dots on green just seemed right for a sticker book, plus the colors just caught my eye.
On the left you get a peek at the contents of the book.

So far I've managed to randomly add stickers to the book that came from food products, headphone boxes, and clothing.
Some of the stickers are a tad bit big for the pages, but I managed to fit the chicken burrito label in there with just a slight overhang.
There are two kinds of pages in the book. On the left you see the most common pages are one sided, meaning one side is glossy and the other side is flat paper. I can only put stickers on one side of the page, but I suppose if you want to add some creative touches to the book, you could doodle or collage on the paper sides of the pages. Second kind of page is the translucent plastic sheeting that can hold stickers on both sides of a single page. In some ways I'd say this kind of plastic sheet is a more ideal choice for a sticker book.

So what are my pages made from? They're made from the backings of laminate sheets used for documents and other projects.

I used a lot of laminate sheets through the years to protect photos in my journals. The specific size I cut the sheets to was always 4.5x6.5, a slightly larger size than a basic photo. 

By the end of it I had a whole pile of laminate sheet backing in the size of 4.5x6.5. I knew I could use them for something, and that's when I got the idea to make a sticker book. 
I'll note that the GBC brand works well for sealing photos, and is the brand that has a paper backing with a glossy side. The other laminate backing I used was from a different kind of laminate sheet that wasn't permanent on contact, and rather a slow sealing, adjustable laminate sheet. This is why there are two kinds of pages in the book, I simply used what I had on hand.

I also think that it's possible to use plastic from packaging as a surface for holding stickers, but so far the laminate sheet backings are just like a sticker book's pages and work super well. If you use laminate sheets and like stickers, I strongly encourage the idea of saving the backings for a project like this. :)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Onu Koro Glow Weed fashion design

You may not remember the post I made back in 2013, but this is an improved version of the Onu Koro dress design. 

I introduce Onu Koro Glow Weed outfits. These designs are still based off the original concept I based the first dress on, that being Bionicle Onu environment plant life themes. 

Here are the old references. The original design (left) was made when I was rather young, so it's not quite as eye popping as the new ones.
The third dress design from left to right in the panel below was based off the original outfit concept shown here. I still made adjustments of course so the design matched the glowing seaweed look of the plants shown in the image to the right just above.
The middle versions are the more casual styles of glow weed outfits. Glow weed is just what I call the plants of the little thumb nail scenes by the way. Actual names for the glowing plants in the Bionicle universe were never provided.

After making the first two casual designs, I was inspired to make two belly dance designs. The first and fourth versions were the result.

Color schemes started with a neon teal, and a neon mint green displayed on black. Eye popping as they are, I felt they didn't quite match the color of the actual blue plant displayed in the middle thumbnail.
That's why I made a second panel with adjusted color scheme to more accurately match the original shade of that plant.