Monday, November 2, 2020

Little Frizzle Fluff


Little Miss Frizzle Fluff is a jelly fish alien girl inspired by some concepts of a like minded artsy acquaintance.

The idea generator never stops cranking around here. Frizzle is basically a newly dreamed up character who would be used in a role play setting of the fantasy world Ms Mindflayer has thought up. I roughly based the style of this creature off Ms Mindflayer's art design for an alien snail of hers named Skylar.

Here's a peek at the full drawing process of Frizzle Fluff, sped up.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lotus-The Choice- WF Art

I've been focusing on a bit more Warframe themed fan art lately ever since I discovered how to use the Warframe fan art forum. Sometimes I seem to do a better job at fan art than I do original ideas for some reason, but let me get into why I made "The Choice".

One has to have some knowledge of the game lore in order to understand the symbolism I may be hinting at. Lotus is a sentient queen, and in more recent quests had been revealed to be not such a good person, but still a confused one. She was reprogrammed to view the Tenno as her family, but in reality she's a sentient with a brother who desires to destroy everything.

No one yet knows what her choice will be, who she'll choose to side with in the end, her chaotic blood line that wants to kill everyone, or the Tenno who were trained to protect the universe.

Based off of this idea, I made two different image versions using paint and photo manipulation techniques in PSE.

First came the paracesis sword, grasped in Lotus's hand to symbolize the choice between siding with her blood family, or fighting against them and gripping a sword made specially by Ballas to fight sentients.

Alternatively the paracesis version could also symbolize Lotus talking to a Tenno viewer, giving them the choice to join the sentients or die fighting against them.
Both the paracesis version and the Tenno version have two alternative designs, one where Lotus is wearing draped cloth over her shoulders like in the game, and one where she's without said drapery.

I wasn't able to decide which I preferred, finding the cloth gave an extra amount of movement, but also covered up a lot of detail that I went through so much effort to create.
Left behind. What battle took place here?

A last minute idea was to make a picture with just the Paracesis wedged in space rock all alone. It's kind of like a Warframe mockery of the sword in the stone. Sentinets can't pull that weapon from the void's clutches no matter how powerful or big they get.
The Tenno version.

Despite the fact I worked on this after I worked on the paracesis version, this version was the original concept I had dreamed of and sketched messily out in a book.

By the time I got around to making the Tenno, I was tired of  being so attentive to detail. Making Lotus and striving to get every little detail right over a period of days took a lot of concentration. After that I didn't feel like making an accurate default Tenno suit, and instead created my own armor design for the girl in the picture.

This original idea is where the title actually came from. "The Choice". Will Lotus choose her blood family, or side with the Tenno? Those she came to call her children.

Art details: Most of the image is compose of photos from Google images. Three different people in perfume ads were used to create Lotus's form. The suits were made from selected images of Latex fabric, jewelry and tubing were small details that took a lot of time when I had to select pieces parts from different pictures of jewelry and rubber tubing. The sentients, helmet symbol, and the sword were actual Warframe images then made to blend in and blurred a bit for different focus effects.

My personal favorite part was creating the gold details on Lotus's suit, and also figuring out what to use as a texture for the suit's lines along the purple edges. I discovered pulled taffy reminds me a lot of the stretched skins and weird details of Warframes and Warframe cosmetics in the game. That texture as an overlay worked surprisingly well.

Some shading and lighting techniques came last, to help the images seem like they were meant to be in the scene.
Here's a somewhat blurry view of the base sketch for the idea when it first formed in my head. I tend to make a lot of notes in my sketchbook to elaborate on the messy idea.

Immortalys- Carlos Quevedo

What inspired "The Choice" ? It was because of art I discovered after listening to Ivan Torrent's album, "Immortalys". Ivan hired Carlos Quevedo to make art for the album, something he's done before. This specific piece by Carlos interested me most out of all the other images displayed so far in his portfolio. He had created a full collection of images for the music album's mini booklet, and this was the main image for the cover.

It was inspiring because it really had a vibe to it that reminded me of Warframe in the sense of being like a combination style of Orokin and Corpus, a bit like a Corpus ancestor during the Orokin period.

It inspired me, and then I wondered how it was done. It almost looked painted, but there was a certain appearance to it that was also realistic, which lead to me analyzing the art. After reading that Carlos made art using a mixture of photography, 3D objects, and digital paint, I knew that his work was just well done photo manipulation and photoshop magic.
The art itself really boiled down to be interesting simply because of the design, composition choice, and mind of the artist.

After a bit more research, I found a single video Carlos made to show his process on making one of his pictures. This confirmed his art was what I thought it was. I had made guesses on how he made his pictures before looking further into it.

After I saw it was photoshop, I suddenly had more of an interest for photo manipulation than I did before when I felt the art style looked just a bit off. Carlos's work showed that when done right, photoshop can look like a painting instead of a collage.

I then thought to myself, "Can I pull off something like this?" I don't have the real version of photoshop, but the baby version, photo shop elements. With a bit more effort though I had a feeling I could do similar in PSE, see if I could make my own magic.

Because this had reminded me of Warframe, something Warframe themed came to mind when I started planning on trying to make a photo manipulated art piece of my own. "The Choice" was an idea that sprouted from the thought of what something Warframe related, maybe the helmet of Lotus would look like if an artist such as Carlos were to tackle something fan based.

Obviously my style isn't going to be like that of Carlos, but I wanted to see if I could do something similar with the programs I have. This is when I first imagined Lotus in a certain setting, and immediately made a sketch, then later tackled it as a PSE project.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Corokin Collage

Who says you can’t graduate when you’re old? Making a deal with Orokin involves more than a
little business transaction, they want proof you’re worthy of their services. To received a gift from
these so called gods, one must pass at least a single test.

For Parvos, he wanted a warframe, but had to succeed in enduring a challenge room. “If you can’t
pass at least one of these tests to show you can make your way up through Orokin ranks, what
makes you so sure you can be a leader of the Corpus?” an Orokin had said.

Ever wonder why Parvos has no left hand? He doesn’t talk about it, how I know about it is a
secret, but let me just say that day in the Orokin challenge room he showed he was willing to
sacrifice something of value in order to prove he was no joke.

The Orokin were amused, and after he had a gold, robotic hand fitted to his left wrist, he was
granted Protea, and given a trophy, a ridiculous looking hat that must have been some Orokin
joke they claimed symbolized his success of passing a hall of ascension.

Behind the story, and design: It could stand on its own as an art piece, some fantasy science fiction
collage with its own sort of backstory I hadn’t taken the time to dream up. The inspiration it’s
actually derived from is Warframe, and after some sharing with Hybrid, a bit of the design choices
are similar to Destiny, Cult of Osiris in his opinion.

I had wanted to create something Warframe based, but in collage form, and had been thinking
about it for awhile after getting a Corpus fashion idea based off an image in my collection of
scanned fliers. The hat was the starting point of the idea, and I got a blurry concept of a Corpus
like man sitting in a chair with fancy robes on, combining a style that’s a mix of Orokin
and Corpus design, a pre Corpus design period basically.

Once I turned the image into a hat though, it took the form of a graduation cap and was less like
some freaky Corpus helmet of a man on the board of elites. I was okay with it though, added a
little weighted thing, then turned it into a sort of joke.

No one said the Corpus didn’t have strange traditions, maybe a form of graduation to imply they
passed tests and are thoroughly brain washed by the system of business.

In the case with the little conceptual story above, I made it sound like graduation events are jokes
to Orokin people. Also, originally this character and illustration weren’t meant to represent any
character specifically in the game, but shortly after I got the idea, Warframe released the new
quest “The Deadlock Protocol”. I took inspiration from it as a way to celebrate something that
just came out.

I played around with some of the design, trying to settle on whether I liked the gem studded ring attached to the shoulders, and then wasn’t sure if I liked the hat, and wanted a look at the image without either of these elements.

The hat seemed funny, but without the gem circle on the back, according to Hybrid, the image looked less like the Corpus and more like Destiny Cult of Osiris.

The circle gave it more of a Corpus feel, and I noticed having that bit of silver at the top helped tie in the colors near the bottom.

To keep the Corpus look, but make it less of a joke, I kept the circle and got rid of the hat.

As shown, it actually didn't look too bad, but remained very Orokin heavy with all the white and gold shades. I knew I hadn’t fully followed my gut in making it Corpus enough because I preferred the style of Orokin design, as many people do.

I had picked out some blue images early on, but had refrained from using them. It’s then after I settled on an official golden version that Hybrid mentioned Corpus often times had blue present in their designs even when gold was mixed in.

If I wanted a more Corpus feel, I would need to add some blue into the picture.

I feel that officially the image above is the main gold version, where a representation of Parvas sits on a fake throne in an Orokin room for his picture to be taken as a memory of his ascension from one of the challenge rooms. It was also a burning way to remind him that was the day he lost his left hand.

Orokin are mean.
Corokin, officially made Corpus by the addition of blue light present. To make this colder while
still keeping hints of gold, I used a blue photo filter, then went in with a brush and manually
canceled out the blue color where I didn’t want it.

This lead to a combination of warm and cool light in a sort of balanced way like the new Corpus
tile sets in the game on the ships that have both cool and warm colors present.

I also changed out the floor for this adjustment, using a small selected section of a quilt top image
with blue squares against a gray backdrop. It sort of added to the Corpus feel which I wanted.

I decided to leave the hat out of this version entirely, satisfied with what I had going on.

Art details: Everything in the collage is from my large collection of scanned images, hence a
natural paper texture, creasing, crinkling, or whatever other texture came with the actual picture.

The collage was assembled digitally, no glue or scissors involved, a few things were digitally
adjusted, some images were stretched, enlarged, made slightly transparent, digitally outlined, and
colored with a filter.

The chair and background were different selections of perfume bottle images, the floor was either
a carpet or quilt top. A quilt top was used for the seat cushioning as well, and the symbol behind the
seat was an emblem for a jewelry company.

Those weird little speckles that look like disintegrating particles coming from the symbol were part
of the images background that didn’t erase after selection. When outline was applied they turned
black. I kind of liked it, erased a bit here and there, and kept what seemed tasteful.

I used a fashion model from a Kohl’s flier for the man, and then used selections of different objects
for his clothes. Jewelry, perfume bottles, watch bands, sandals, purses, quilt tops, jackets, shoes,
and curtains all played a part in forming his outfit.

lastly I added some tattoos on his face with a little black paint, and his hat was a stack of plates
and a square bowl.

As I've been doing for nearly every project as of 2020, I did create journal spreads to explain my art process and give extra details about the art. Most of what's been listed above are from the first three spreads below. The last two are the final details.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Meeting Vha- Sharing Wogue

"Wogue Sharing"

Completed on May 28 after three days of work, I introduce, Wogue Share.

Ivara shared a Wogue magazine with Mesa Vha-Nailo during a Corpus fight, having no care for the bullets aimed at them.

Details, story bits, fun peeks behind the scenes of the art process are all shown below in the Wogue journal spreads I put together.

The journal spreads for May 17, 2020.

Doing a bit more Warframe journalism, this is just a record of the pages. I met someone in the Warframe game on May 17, 2020 who's big on fashion framing.

The story is in the pages, Vha liked my newly acquired and decorated Ivara, stopped me during a defense mission to take a picture. We stayed in the same group when they asked if I'd like to go along to Orb Vallis with them.

During that time we talked, I found out they really liked fashion framing, I mentioned how I keep records of some fashion framing for fun, by creating Wogue spreads. They wanted to see my work, I told them my art blog name, they looked it up in the middle of battle and were happy I had created what I did.

While we talked, I got this idea for an illustration of our frames sitting together, looking at a Wogue magazine in the middle of a fight. Vha wanted to see a picture like that, I decided to make it for a laugh while the idea was fresh.

(Disc PZ*)- FB ( )- WF FAF *

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Smash Booking

I've been enjoying some smash book work. Sometime at the beginning of last month I got in the mood to start working again in my gray, Artist Loft journal sketchbook.

I had started working in this book back in 2012, using it as a basic journal with some stuff added like I used to do often in most of my journals. When coming back to it to browse through some of the pages and add to it after creating some random spreads last year for the first time since 2012, I realized that in a way, the later pages I added to were essentially the sort of thing you would do in a Smash Book.

This set me in a mood to go and binge watch Youtube videos of people using Smash books.
Smash Book | Pinterest on Paper - the modchik
Smash books were a product by K&Company started in 2011. I remember seeing the commercial once on tv, obviously interested by something journal related. The song playing was kind of a hipster, Indie style thing which became sort of a joke in my mind. The woman was singing, "One day I woke up, and there was more to love", but in my ears I heard, "I want a mocha, with extra cream, my love".

Smash books are still a fun thing, junk journals I think became a bigger thing over time and Smash books sort of got lumped in with that category. Someone defined the difference between Smash Books and junk journals, at least in their opinion. They feel that junk journals are a book of random things bound traditionally into a cover with some sort of thread. Smash books are like junk journals, but bound with spiral wires, be it exposed or hidden by a cover. They did seem to miss the category of Smash books being made with three ring binders as well, so really smash books are any sort of book you can add to till it's fat, but not worry about it busting the spine like a traditionally bound booklet.

The difference between my Artist Loft sketch/journal book combo and a Smash book is the fact I'm not using any pretty papers like a Smash book does. Smash books come fully equipped with a glue/pen, pen holder, and a themed collection of semi random, double sided scrapbook paper pages.

Basically Smash books are conveniently fun and ready for you to add whatever to. I never got one because they cost too much for something I had the supplies and tools to make myself.

That brings me to what I've been doing. It may not be a book full of scrapbook papers, but the simplicity of blank and striped pages left me with the freedom to add whatever I wanted to each page and have it all pull together with the color choices of objects I add.
March 14, 2020

On the 14th I added some extra elements to the casserole page (right), and made an entirely new page using some random items I wanted to keep for certain memories (umbrellas I have, containers we like using) shown left.

Some of the pages still wait for descriptions, notes, things that explain more about the objects and story behind them.
Last year in 2019 I had done this sewing page (left) just to get some items out of the way before they  got lost. An old envelope with a wax seal, and some antique sewing machine instruction pages heavily Mod Podged to keep them from disintegrating.

This year I added in some stuff about a new mattress, and a wearable bunny blanket (right).
Some pages I made to tie off a certain year, the gingerbread house a way to mark the end of December 2019(left). Pages after that were made during April 2019.

Some of my incomplete and semi complete started pages focus on Christmas 2012, then later Christmas 2019.
December 2019 was a spread made to be color matching, keeping track of chocolates we had and enjoying a wrapping paper that came on a gift to Mom.

Then this year I added a collage page to mark the opening of last December (right), choosing to use chocolates as a theme.
March 27, 2020

On the 27th I started making a page to remember some tapes I got from Lidls, and a safe place for some business cards I picked up.

April 1, 2020

Later I completed this, took pictures today. I added some writing, changed up the layout a bit, created a clear pocket holder with the fuse tool for the business cards, and added a security envelope to hold some pamphlets in.

Also today I made a spread talking about some extra Spring tapes I got, along with cute Spring aprons, all items from Lidls.

This basic Smash book is growing thick very quickly. It's been a semi relaxing process to add to it little by little, not think too much about keeping it all chronological.

In between this project I've also been working on a few of my Christmas themed junk journals, but have been paused on them briefly while focusing on making Smash book spreads.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

St. Patrick's Day Wogue- Aesith

Most of what this is about has been explained in the spreads. Seeing I've been working on so many spreads for the Valentine Wogue, I wanted to change things up a bit. St. Patrick's Day would have been fun as a full Wogue, but seeing I'm not even done with February's Wogue yet, I decided to only make something small for St. Patrick's Day.

I needed such a break that I didn't decorate my own frames for this, and just displayed a green and black Mirage Prime done by Aesith I really liked the look of.

My main reasons for even doing this project was to make a sparkle frame as an experiment.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Feb. Wogue 2020- Pearl- Oberon

Continuing the rosy shades of the series into Oberon's design, king of the fairies in rose shades to match his queen, Titania.

Introductory page with color samples came first, labeled with an awkward, but fitting name. The rest of the collection for Valentine Wogue follows the same structure, some close up pictures of every angle for the design, and then fancier, more humorous action scenes in a prettier captura setting.



A few new elements made their way into the pages, golden frames, a rose border, and a fancy sentiment decal.