Saturday, July 14, 2018

Poison Drop belly dance designs

Last night I had started this full series of belly dance costume ideas, all inspired from a brief idea that came to mind the night before, based off a song I was listening to. Poison Drop-by Maduro and also Mirage- by Linsey Stirling.

I was listening to the song really late the night before, and a flash of a black and green costume with a long flowing skirt and green, dangling beads came to mind. Working from a blur of imagery in my head was half challenging, but I did get a lot of variety from the process when I started playing around with the placement and details of the costume's elements.

After working out several ideas, I combined the different layers together, and started with the base layers of purely black. The above panel is Poison Drop Basic Black collection, more like a collection of tribal costumes and nightwear over belly dance style since it's lacking beads and dangling things.
After that I made the main ideas, the Poison Drop green collection, short and long additions.

The first design, top left corner with the veil was kind of me trying to get the idea out of my head first, then I did the full dangle version which is the large display on the left in the bottom panel. The long skirt version with all the beads and color balance is closer to what I had seen in my head.

I played around with the accessories to see how many variations I could get, and there are quite a few.
I might have skipped making separate designs using purple, but I did take the already existing designs and change them up to be purple. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cupcake wrapper flowers

I had played around with essentially colorful cupcake wrappers to make these shell flowers (that's just what I call them). Originally the wrappers came from an assorted mochi box, and I saved them because I liked the colors.
It took me awhile, but I finally made a quick DIY video on how to make them, and they can be made out of any kind of cupcake wrapper.

Mini feather crafts

Shuffling through the bits and pieces lying around on the desk while I try to clean and organize ever so slowly.

A spiky acorn cap, some random, small feathers found in a bag, a feather sequin and plastic pearl bead from my bits and pieces compartments, and I was on my way to making a quick fairy hat.
It fit pretty well on my lady fairy, but may become an item for another fairy to be someday.
Also during my cleaning, I found a gift tag, a colored Victorian lady head that was floating around in one of the drawers, and small downy feather. I decided to glue them together so they wouldn't keep floating around randomly, then added some writing and saved it to put somewhere in a book or something.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spring Pens

I've always found an odd joy in pen sets and paper products. This month during some cleaning I found a random pen set sitting in a box. It had been brought home from a yard sale and for some reason the colors instantly reminded me of a small notepad I had in another box.

It's like these items were made for each other, the purple pink colors of the elastic closure, the flower and leaf designs going well with the leaf and bee designs of the pens. Spring writing is in bloom.

I carry this pen set and notepad in my favorite go bag which I tuck away in my purse. It's my safe spot for pens, pencils, and a notepad when I need them.
I guess this pen set is Jonathan Alder brand, once from Barnes and Noble. It's actually a pen and pencil set, both twisting not clicking types. The pencil is the leaf one, and the pen the bumble bee one. It helps for me to remember the bee one is the pen by remembering bees have stingers, and pen nibs look kind of like stingers.
Later after I thought about that, I sketched out this bee shaped pen idea complete with detachable wing containers that hold office supplies like swirly black paper clips, black and honeycomb gold thumbtacks which could be metallic, sticky note tabs, and a hexagonal eraser in honey yellow.

The eyes would be blingy, the abdomen twists to reveal the pen 'stinger', and the head pops off to reveal a replaceable highlighter nib.
Speaking of odd, fun pens, these were brought home today from a yard sale. A small bright green bin full of assorted gel pens, a set of metallic markers, and three fancy writing pens.

The bright green bin will probably become my project scrap box during some future crafting.
I spent a little time doing a test scribble of every gel pen before placing them in the bag. They were all pretty fresh and decently inky. They're also kind of funny to look at with the crazy faces and bright colors of happy monsters.
The assortment smelled like bubble gum from an Easter basket. That brought back old memories of the gum I use to chew of brightly colored egg shaped gumballs placed in their own miniature foam egg carton.
Who knows, maybe these pens were from an Easter basket or two, and that's why they smell that way. After saying that though and taking a closer look at them, these pens are in fact scented, and that kind of makes me reluctant to keep them because I'm sensitive to synthetic fragrances.
The Craft Smart markers worked well, I tested those last. They're good for using to make big pretty lettering or adding accents to drawings of fish and dragons.
I was most interested by the Recollection brand writing pens with crystals crammed into a clear tube. One black, one white, and one pink; my eye was caught most by the pink.

I tried to get a close up shot of the gems in the top. I assume they're loose, just tightly packed into the tube which is why they don't move around.
Each pen had the same look, just in different colors. Gems in the top, metallic paint at the bottom, black ink for writing with twist action for the nib.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Caligraphy Fairy- Digital Collection

Adjusted Mar. 27, 2018- Fairy Party- Original from Sept. 27, 2006

From the old files with some adjustments I've been working on my digital collection of 2006 calligraphy fairies. During the time I was interested in the look of calligraphy pen both actual and digital. I made many sketches, some on the computer, but an even larger collection on paper.

the fairy party, and even the baby fairy element in the Swirling Wind illustration below were formed using selections from this random sketch page on the left.

The mushrooms were even selected from "Teatime Fairies", a different picture further down. 

Tiny birds, bugs, and fairy friends gather to dance the evening away. I did adjust the imagery in places while still keeping the whimsical look in tact.
Adjusted Mar. 27, 2018- Swirling Wind
Original from Jan. 25, 2006

Swirling Wind went through several stages. The original (bottom right), was tweaked with a more cheerful background of pastel gradient (bottom left). This particular gradient reminded me of a beach sunset.

It seemed kind of fun, but it felt kind of empty too. It felt like the fairy should be looking at something, so I added a baby fairy in a walnut shell bed placed upon grass and leaves. Now the fairy is a mother happily checking on her little one.
Adjusted Apr. 26, 2018- Sitting Pretty- Original from Jan. 22, 2006

This one was pretty straight forward, it was already drawn and colored, but I added some texture to the moss, gave the background a gradient and some grass, then slapped on some shading.
Teatime Fairies- Adjusted Apr. 24, 2018- Original from Apr. 12, 2006

Teatime in the brush land. This was a black and white drawing before I added color and a background. A nice sunny afternoon and berry tea shared between fairy friends on the cozy mushrooms.
Whismsy Teatime- May 25, 2006- Original from Apr. 12, 2006

Whimsical teatime doesn't actually have fairies in it, but I recall wanting to add one sneaking around the tea pot. I skipped that idea for this piece and went straight for a whimsical still life setting instead. This was once a black and white sketch of a teapot on a covered table, but it needed more. I drew in some cake plates, a cake, and used pre made shapes for the treats on the teared stand.

My reason for including a teatime setting with the fairies is not only because it was done in the same digital calligraphy pen style, but also because May is the month I use to have fairy themed tea parties.
The month of May is my birth month, and on several occasions fairy tea parties were my favorite theme for a party as a little girl.
I remember it was kind of hard finding flower and leaf shaped dishes, usually we just used pretty plates with painted flowers on them, turned on some Celtic music, and had cake.

Tea parties and fairies have always been two things that I've enjoyed, and never really lost the interest in it.

Birthday Panda Man

The only crummy birthdays worth celebrating are the kinds with cookies and cake.

There are multiple bits of symbolism behind this silly picture, a digital card made for my brother's birthday. Basically, the joke is about crummy birthdays, a bearded panda is my brother's icon character, and he likes cookies. 

A day later I printed off four images of pretty pandas from online, shrunk down to card size. My mom wanted one to color, and I chose one to color too as a side birthday card.

I couldn't exactly print the digital image I did, there wasn't any colored ink or proper paper, so a hand colored card would have to do.

For my card I added a whimsical message inside, and colored the picture using Prismacolor and Le Plume markers.
The scrapbook card stock I chose for printing on thankfully held up well to marker ink.

Later I played with digitally coloring the picture Mom had chosen. If I would have done that beforehand, Mom might have had more fun with copying the colors.

she did say she wished she could cheat, and wondered if there was a colored reference online of the picture, but there wasn't.

Choosing colors can be kind of iffy sometimes. On a real coloring page you have one chance to make the right choice. Digitally you can change up the colors as many times as you want till you think it looks good, then use it as a guide for the actual coloring page.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Beach Dream Outfit

Apr. 24, 2018

"Halloween Beach" (a dream)

I was part of a Halloween party being held on the beach. Pumpkins and other decorations were set on the sand and I had helped plan some of the party, joined by evening, and was told to get myself a garland to wear. The lady providing them was dancing around and held up the collection. At first I was going to choose purple beads and silver chain, but then noticed white metallic conch shells
attached to a strand of sparkling perls and white sheer hip shawl with net fringe at the bottom. I chose that one and it looked great with my aquatic blue gypsy skirt and dark blue shirt. Others wanted it and a little boy chased me for it down the beach.

I ran and got to see turtles with gray black shells, and the boy himself turned into a turtle or simply was left far behind, I don't know which.

The dream takes a turn, we visited a junk shack, a hillbillies porch with random stuff in the yard. There was a rumor going around that someone was targeting the neighbors with dark magic. Me and a random friend, no idea who they were, went to investigate. We found the house of the doll collector, and I wasn't the least bit freaked out by small dolls that looked like Monster High dolls talking to us. The one with purple hair and eyes spoke, but they were all just puppets being spoken through by the head doll who was on the table. These collections were in her kitchen, a teal colored place with lacy white curtains and a retro beach feel. I was addressed by the real witch doll as I asked questions that led to me knowing this person was the one cursing people.
She tried to curse me, but when she cast the devil's stone, it failed to do anything and I was unphased. The dream didn't continue, but I assume the woman responsible for causing trouble was arrested.

This dream as all my dreams was in full color. The outfit I was wearing was inspiring, so I drew up the design. Shell color isn't exact, they were more like mother of pearl, but that's hard to get right on such a small scale.