Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Fire Fever Wogue

I started to get many inspirations for fake versions or something that mimics Vogue magazines after someone mentioned half jokingly that my style looked like bootleg vogue. It got my brain stirring and I started merging words together to create titles for my own kinds of vogue magazines, one such title being Warframe Vogue (Wogue).

Warframe has an advantage of catching people's attention with the ever growing aspect of fashion framing. The choice to pick colors and accessories to decorate your frame is a big part of the game. Personal fashion shows held at select dojos, screen shots of favorite or interesting designs, captura options for extra flare; it's a big deal, big enough to give me a reason to jump on the concept of having a place to keep my growing collection of screenshots of both my own frames and others.

A Warframe based Vogue, that seemed perfect, even as just a gag cover for a book of displayed Warframe designs with my own personal writings and opinions on different subjects. It was meant to be a cover for a Warframe fashion journal.

I did some research to figure out what actual Vogue magazines looked like, then did my best to mimic one. I chose a picture of Ember from my November 2019 Fire Fever collection (Nov- Ember. See what I did there). I had taken a bunch of screen shots and chose some to make Warframe themed magazine covers called Warframe Fever back in November. Later some of the pictures I didn't use found their way into the first concepts of Wogue magazine.

The pages I created for a small Fire Fever Wogue magazine were written to be like someone other than myself talking. I've been trying to make a habit of creating personal art records of the projects, and making digital journal pages explaining the details of something.

I struggled to not write the pages like they were a personal journal, and instead write them like a magazine editor talking about a world that doesn't exist on the subject of a fashion show that never happened.
It was a challenge, mainly because I felt like when I avoid being my real self when writing, trying to make something sound and look like your standard magazine article, I brushed past the fact it was all a bunch of playful bull crap. 

A lot of what's in magazines is about the same I would think, articles made to influence people into thinking something is great when it's actually really average at the end of the day.

In this case though, being stupid and writing playful bull crap was the idea. None of it's real, I just made it seem real. I chose to make it look the way I wanted it to instead of mimicking the spreads of a Vogue magazine, which generally seem to have some colored images on white and a bunch of text to talk about an outfit or person.

I chose to do full photo spreads and use black or dark gray as a background instead of white. It's more appealing this way, though would take a crap load of ink to print.

Page 1-2

The opening page used a full, enlarged section of a screenshot. Page 2 was for displaying previous experimental magazine covers I had done before Wogue was an idea. I made out like a different magazine company shared their photos of Ember with Wogue.

Page 3-4

I tried to find creative ways to include every screen shot from the Fire Fever collection. There were a few I excluded because they looked the same as another one. Most of the screen shots made it into the spreads though.

Page 5-6

Page five had very powerful poses, and page 6 was a way to make sense of a few stranger pictures where Ember appears to be yelling before she's surrounded by fiery sparks.

The fire dress in the sixth panel inspired some ideas for an actual fashion design I might draw, and include in later to the collection. Some of the poses and effects also inspired comic ideas, things that could work well in telling a story.

Page 7-8

The end pages are the finale of the Fire Fever show, and on page eight I wanted to make out like you could buy Ember's accessories. Then, I went into some ideas on what her design symbolized in this collection. Also, because I mentioned it on the magazine cover, I included the small bits of advice on what Ember eats to stay fit and curvy (obviously a joke).

Page 9

One other page included, which technically doesn't have to do with Warframe at all, was something I added because I also mentioned on the magazine cover about smoky night cosmetics. Stuff about diet and cosmetics were only added as filler text to make the magazine cover look right, but I felt like not having those pages included would make it incomplete.

I put together this page of fire themed makeup to complete what the Wogue cover listed. These are personal taste displays of some makeup I thought looked cool and seemed to match both Ember and my own fire themed characters from the Mora story.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Cherry ATC- Jelly fish Mini Art

Back in December while Mom was still working on the snowman quiet book pages, I picked up some of the tiny felt and thread scraps, getting a few ideas. Some tiny ATC art pieces sounded fun, a little collage, a little drawing.

Using the scraps, I made an odd, meant to be an advertisement type ATC, and also made a jelly fish out of thread and felt.

Cherry was all that came to mind as a name for this strange looking woman with red hair and blue skin. I focused on using red, blue, and black as the color scheme to match the scraps of felt and thread.  A pull end of scotch tape became a box, holding whatever has to do with the title, "Cherry". Could be chocolates, could be perfume, soap, jewelry, cookies, liqueur.
Felt jelly fish with metallic tentacles, seaweed, and a lone bubble in the deep sea. The metallic thread came from embroidery work I did on a train scarf fro the snowman quiet page.

I made a book page spread on the project, with obviously enlarged versions of the pictures. Despite the stuff I do generally looking pretty bad, I like it better when it's on a book page.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Ranch Kitchen

I started this illustration some time last year many months before now. It was based off of several old sketches from way back in the day.
These elements date back to 2006, and were labeled as "stuff" in an old folder. I based an illustration around them. At first I didn't like it when I finished the outline and started the coloring. My heart wasn't in it and I set it aside only to come back to it these past three days.

Adding texture using Far Far Hill scrapbook paper as an overlay, some paper and paint texture overlays, and textured brushes in PSE helped add a bit more interest to it. It's not so bad now, and I think it could be because I like texture over flat color.

Regardless, it's done now, could be considered one of my new year resolutions.

(Feb. 6, 2020- From the future). I made process pages of the project and explained steps like sketch and texture choices.
Page 2-3
Page 4-5

Sunday, December 8, 2019

She heard an avalanche

Deviant Art shared this event where you get to have a funny badge for participating in the the stupid powers event. They had a random generator to make titles for you to create an art piece around. My randomly generated mashup was: "Area Woman Saves Hiker From Avalanche Using Ability to Visualize All Sounds As Holograms"

Last minute, quick, just to show I made something and didn't just grab the silly event badge. I made this by doing quick digital sketching, then adding color by selecting textures from my own photographs to create a digital collage of sorts.

It may not be executed in the best way for the randomly generated mashup for stupid powers, but the strange hexagonal rock looking things on the left represent the sounds of the avalanche visualized as a hologram.

I started off with a muddy, brown and gray scene, then realized I was forgetting the snow. Can't have an avalanche without snow.

Process: Drew out the scene quickly, added color by selecting textures from my own photographs to create a form of digital collage/paper pieced kind of picture.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mountain Market Collage

Two travelers looking through a street market in the cold, snowy mountains. The younger man wonders why his gray haired father seems so displeased about something, as though he doesn't want him to use the money he had started pulling from his leather wallet.

This picture is a mixed media, digital art piece consisting of a sketched base which I then added color to by using selections of Far Far Hill digital scrapbook paper, creating a sort of digital paper cut out picture.
the background base sketch was less of a focus and more sketchy than the foreground characters made to be the focus.

This picture started after I saw these two variations of the same face in a bath rug. I drew over the photo below when I saw a face in it. Can you see what I see?

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Warframe Magazine Covers

Sometimes inspiration hits, I revisit a genre, in this case Warframe. For awhile there I had complete burn out, no desire to do Warframe themed art, too busy focused on other stuff.

I still technically am, but I had this urge to get a few things Warframe related out of my head, a poster/magazine cover of both Ember and Mag. 

The Ember magazine cover was inspired by the rework of Embers's abilities. She can now catch fire, and her fourth ability allows one to summon a meteor shower of flame and brimstone onto your enemies.

Ember is now hotter than ever, ready to get your Warframe fever going. I formed three options of poster covers for both Ember and Mag.

One of my plans was to possibly use these pictures on book covers for my future, yet to be printed and assembled personal Warframe journals.
Ember's book cover is meant to represent the thrill of the game, the fever or high one can get from first starting Warframe, collecting weapons, frames, leveling up, and modding. It's fun till the fever dies down and everything becomes bland once muscle memory kicks in and all levels are the same old deal. 

Trivia: These screenshots of Ember were done in the Kuva Throne Scene of captura, with adjusted lighting. There were many more screenshots besides the ones I chose for the covers. Pages displaying them may be for later, considering pages of those screenshots would make a great opening picture collection for a Warframe fever book.

Warframe Mag Magazine was purely pun based. Mag should have her own "Mag" azine. This seemed like a fun idea as a novelty cover for a Warframe journal, possibly one that focuses on Mag and all the pictures I have of her.

Like with the fever cover, there's a small collection of screenshots that goes with the chosen selection used for Mag's covers. 

I chose two I liked best. I did the screenshots in Chamber of the Lotus scene in captura. the purple of that scene went well with my favorite celestial color pallet I use on my frames, consisting of black, neon blue, and a warm purple mixed with silver accents.

I think this one may just be my favorite. It looks like the opening to a comic book, like Mag is propped on a ship, and there's a larger ship behind her in space. I played with level settings on this one, making the scene darker (left) to compare it to the original (right).
Warframe Mag Poster and cover, reworked. It was suggested to me that the glare around Mag's head took away from the picture. Challenge accepted, a bit of PSE adjustment with burn and dodge tools, and some final touches with a high pass filter, here we go. You can now see Mag's head.
A few more covers were inspired for the different sentiment. Mag Magazine is similar sounding to Mad Magazine. Mag is more playful or triumphant for these.
I liked the magical looking one with all the metal bits, but it seemed to be needing a more intense color, so I adjusted the levels again. I kept one as a poster (left), and liked the darkened version for the cover as well (right).
I also wanted to save just poster versions without sentiments for all the covers. The mag ones to me are the coolest even as posters.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Floral Deer Collage

I had started this project back in February, then left the illustration alone for a long time, later to come back to it with the urge to add some color and make it pretty.

I've always loved the combination of texture and color, collage and paper piecing. I decided to use that technique combined with the line art to create a digital mixed media image. 

I changed the line art to brown, black was too harsh, then selected sections of digital scrapbook paper to make things more interesting. The digital scrapbook papers used are all from the site Far Far Hill.
Base sketches were done first by drawing on a translucent layer over the shower curtain photo which I had spotted this illustration in. Once I finished drawing, I made the photo of the curtain invisible, leaving me with an illustration on a perfect white backdrop.
What's this about? You may not be able to see what I see, but I find pictures and inspiring ideas within the most mundane of textures. Rugs, wood, wrinkly shower curtain lining (in this case), fabric patterns, and so on. This odd deer illustration was created over top of this photo when I had spotted the shapes and form of the deer in it.

There have been many moments in life where I and others in the family see funny things in strange places, known as faces in places by some people. I finally looked up what the actual word for it is, and discovered it's called pareidolia. (Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, which is a more generalized term for seeing patterns in random data. Some common examples are seeing a likeness of Jesus in the clouds or an image of a man on the surface of the moon. Famous examples of pareidoliaThe psychological phenomenon that causes some people to see or hear a vague or random image or sound as something significant is known as pareidolia (par-i-DOH-lee-a).The word is derived from the Greek words para, meaning something faulty, wrong, instead of, and the noun eidōlon, meaning image, form or shape. Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, which is a more generalized term for seeing patterns in random data.)

I now know what to call the many random moments of seeing things in odd places, not necessarily obvious to anyone else's eyes either.