Tuesday, March 17, 2020

St. Patrick's Day Wogue- Aesith

Most of what this is about has been explained in the spreads. Seeing I've been working on so many spreads for the Valentine Wogue, I wanted to change things up a bit. St. Patrick's Day would have been fun as a full Wogue, but seeing I'm not even done with February's Wogue yet, I decided to only make something small for St. Patrick's Day.

I needed such a break that I didn't decorate my own frames for this, and just displayed a green and black Mirage Prime done by Aesith I really liked the look of.

My main reasons for even doing this project was to make a sparkle frame as an experiment.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Feb. Wogue 2020-Pearl- Nekros

Nekros as the Bloom Groom is both a Valentine themed frame and a frame easily meant for Spring as well. Most of the pages are pretty self explanatory, I used the same techniques for creating the spreads as I have all the others, and am drawing closer to the final two categories of Oberon and Titania.

Nekros's design was meant to be much more Asian in appearance, prince like, king like, majestic.

(To be honest this project has worn me out, and it's been much longer than the time stamp. It's now April 1'st, but the amount of work which has gone into February Wogue is no joke. I've reached 140 pages total, and still have two more categories to make.)

Friday, March 6, 2020

Feb.Wogue 2020- Pearl- Volt

A nice small section in the February Wogue, of Electric Love Volt, a simple, less effort frame for the collection.
I liked adding roses as an accent for this, being that this is the only frame in my collection which is red.

Feb. Wogue 2020- Pearl- Mag

Trying to change up the colors, I started experimenting with shades of purple or red in the middle section of the series for a few of the smaller frames.

For Mag I tried out rich wine shades instead of pinks or reds. Purple is a color less seen during Valentine's Day, but hot pink, or shades close to the purple family are. In this case it is one of those magenta like shades.
No helmet was truly my favorite, even this one wasn't quite what I wanted for the look, but out of the three options this one balanced my color choices best.

When I think of this design being like a bottle of wine, I realize the helmet matched better than I had thought, for one reason. The prongs surrounding the back of the helmet remind me of those metal toppers on certain kinds of bottles that hold the cork in place.
this was one of the stand alone pictures that I wasn't sure how to fit in to the collection. I decided to make it into some kind of Fortuna wine advertisement.
Last page for Magnificent Mag are simple angles of her making the sassy hip pose, and a bit of filler story on one of my other pending plans for what Wogue series I one day may make in the Fortuna captura scene.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Feb. Wogue 2020- Pearl- Ivara

Ivara's Unseen Love frame follows similar shades to other frames; white, bright pink, blush pink, and hints of dark red nearly black. She is the pink, female Robin Hood of the collection, aiming at hearts, hitting her marks, and sharing hugs or kisses depending on what helmet she's wearing.

I decorated more using heart shapes, lace, and lacy looking labels.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Feb. Wogue 2020- Pearl- Frost

Retro Love Frost is the least traditional Valentine frame in the collection for February Wogue. Most of what has been said in the spreads is pretty self explanatory. This color combination is one of my favorites, regardless of holiday.

I did pause briefly to make some really weird collage pictures (shown left) using selected parts of Frost's screen shots. The only reason this was done is to quickly show the faces I kept spotting in Frosts form.
It's just another one of those pareidolia things, seeing images in patterns.

The opening spread with a view (shown right) really relaxes me. Frosted Peaks, now that I think about it, could be a good name for knock off Frosted Flakes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Feb. Wogue 2020- Pearl-Wukong

Introducing Love Monkey Wukong,  the second entry of my frames in Wogue. Despite the time stamp and date, it's been much longer than that. I've been working on the Valentine Wogue for a month and a half now. Recently (speaking from March 13th) I've been taking a break and haven't started working on pending sections. I have two more complete sections for sharing, whether I'll have a third after that depends on when I get back to making it and the rest.

I've been changing up my projects to get my mojo back, not a problem, this project will be completed eventually even if I'm dabbling in between on other projects to spice things up.

On the left page with the bundle of matching flowers, I added that as a filler since it looked pretty, and I had this random accidental screen shot of Wukong showing a parazon which I thought would make a nice background, so I used it as an advertisement page.

I'll admit, Wukong's action scenes are very dramatic compared to some of the other frames cinematic ability movements. The poses I captured I really like the look of with the flowing movements.