Monday, October 16, 2017

2008 Journal Recovered

After finishing my 2007 journal so many years ago, I settled on using the same brand of sketch book for my next journal in 2008.
Pro Art Artists Tools & Supplies was the brand, as shown with metallic letters on the odd textured cover that reminds of reptile or elephant skin. 
This book had its share of constant use and abuse, and it needed a bit of restoring.
It had lost its spine at some point, and the front cover tore off completely. The back cover still remained attached to the peeling end paper, but I've kept the book held together with a rubber band for many years.
You can see the book grew too fat for the spine, and eventually just fell apart. I took several day to think about how to give it a new spine, and on the thirteenth got to work. First I cut a new piece of chipboard for it, then gave it a a little over a centimeter of space between the spine and the covers.
The back cover was removed with a quick slice of the craft blade, then I chose some craft card stock to hold the cover and spine together.
Once that was dry, I experimented with some staining techniques to make the spine look like aged leather. I was intending to add a sticker to the cover which matched the brown, but I changed my plans as I went.
To give the spine that nice color, I used several drops of brushed corduroy distress ink from Tim Holtz. I dropped it directly on the paper, then spritz it with water, and spread it around with a paper towel. After I dried it with my heat gun, I took the soggy paper towel and ran it over the paper again in a circular motion to add extra texture and color.
I also extended the rough end of the book itself, adding paste downs to either bit of remaining binders cloth still attached to the book's internal spine (right).
After the ink on the spine dried, I cut down my chosen papers and glued it down to the cover.
After that was dry I added a single coat of satin liquitex varnish, which gave it a nice shine, and kept the distress ink from rubbing onto my fingers.
I was happy to see the cover coming together nicely. The inside papers were cut and varnished separately before I glued them down over the glued on paste downs.
I also found there was a bit of a gap in white, so I added some extra paper strips to those spots, with a note to self to cut the internal pages wider next time if I was to cover some of the paste down color.
The papers I chose are both from the stack Stella and Rose by My Minds Eye. I love the papers from the collection, but I will note it's not cradstock despite what the pack says. The paper is rather thin, around the same weight as standard printer paper, floppy, and prone to warping if the tacky glue isn't brushed down and made smooth.
I discovered that rubbing the glue around with my finger is effective in making the paper go on more smoothly. The back cover ended up having some ripples because I didn't smooth out the glue the first time.
After finishing the basic parts of my cover, I had to decide if I wanted to embellish it a little. I changed my mind about using the wall stickers I had chosen. They didn't quite fit, and covered up too much of the pretty paper color. 
I went through three options, took pictures with my tablet for reference. first I thought I'd use just a chipboard element, that didn't quite fit the outside, so I played around with some K and Company dye cuts, and lastly I played with the idea of putting the chipboard sticker in there with them. 
I settled on the middle version, knowing less is more in most cases, and the chipboard piece was set aside completely.
Since the embellishments were decided on after I had already varnished my cover, I went in and varnished the dye cuts separately, then glued them on the front with Fabri-tac glue by beacon.
It's the first time I've ever used fabri tac, and found that it does in fact prevent warping to the paper, but it also smells bad, is somewhat toxic no doubt, acid free though, and fast drying (a bit too fast because it has acetone in it). 
I decided to try it out because I've been watching videos online, and Jen of Eve is someone who uses the glue all the time. She said it doesn't make paper warp like white glue, so I wanted to try it out.
It does work well as far as my first try goes, I'll just need to remember to wear a mask next time I use it, to avoid the smell.
Final results are rather pleasing.
Before I went and spruced up this tattered old journal, I did go through several stages of scanning, and then made a few personal video records of before and after results on the cover.
I found it was easier to scan the book while its spine was bust, and the process took me around a week to finish. I hope to select pictures and hand doodling from the scanned pages for making into my own personal doodle and border PNG files for future use in PSE projects.
I like the idea of using my own doodles for creating personalized scrapbook papers and elements, just never tried it before, so I'm working up to it.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lost In Cyberspace Fashion

I like to have a bit of fun still with pulling inspiration for fashion designs from other art pieces I make, specifically in collage using random scraps of paper that somehow come together surprisingly well.
This series is all inspired by the Lost In Cyberspace collage collection, and just today I finished the final design inspired by Cyber Run (left), with her asymmetric tights.
Above is the basic concept of her outfit applied to my slender curve fashion form (the most exaggerated, stylized form yet)  .
I started off with her sparkly magenta, and purple with chartreuse color scheme, then played with color settings and found I really liked the look of the outfit in lime green and teal.

I'm reminded of candy sticks and fruit when looking at these designs.
My first designs played with in the series are that of electric orbit and Diva 1's jumpsuits. Both designs are pretty simple, yet somehow interesting to me.
I drew El Orbit's jumpsuit on the fashion form mainly to get down a concept of what the backside looks like.
As for Diva 1 you only get to see her suit from the side, so I played with drawing it from the front and back angle.
Electric orbit (left). Diva 1 (right).
Lastly, the most complex and interesting design that came out of the series is Cyber Search's outfit with its different variations.

This costume is based off a picture no bigger than an inch tall (as shown left in the collage, the character herself is only an inch tall).
Her cyber chip skirt fins are detachable, same goes for the boots and helmet.
I would say her design is my favorite in the collection.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ruby Rebel Fashion Design

My interest in Coal's character (from a role play) has continued inspiring some other fashion ideas. I designed another fashion piece for her and called it Ruby Rebel. The colors are based off of semi precious rubies, which are a pinkish purple color. This may be one of her more girly designs of shirt and shoes, still showing she's quite the bold type.
I designed this piece for a possible future scene in the role play to make it so Seph gets a peek at Coal's hidden tattoo which shows she is of a mob clan from another island, but is in hiding. He'll see it by accident when she bends down to get something, caught by surprise from his sudden visit (via teleportation). 

The shirt would be fitted, and the bands would be ribbon, leather, or elastic cording. Bottom edge of the shirt is lined with faceted, dangling black beads. Shoes lace up, belt is golden chain, necklace is gold chain and semi precious ruby gems.
Other designs for Coal are shared on the post MN-I role play inspired fashion. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lost In Cyberspace-collages

Lost in Cyberspace is a growing collection of collages based around the internet and technology. Since most of these pictures are free floating and wedged in a folder, I'm thinking of adding them as interest to my Blue Tech journal or my Neon City journal.

I find that when I don't have much to write about in a book, I create subjects around an art piece or several art pieces revolving around a theme. This makes journal keeping and art making more enjoyable, in my experience.

(Cyber System Search- Apr. 10, 2017- Measures around 12 x 21 cm. )

Within the computer, the cyber system search lady turns your words into code so the rest of the system knows how to proceed. She rides upon a floating platform that travels across electricity and numbers to get from one system to another.

Created using part of a fios ad, stencils, jell pen, flier images, scraps of paper, and marker.
(Cyber Boot- Apr. 14, 2017- left- measures around 5 x 14 cm.) (Goo Glow- Apr. 14, 2017- right- measures around 7 x 4 cm.)

Cyber Boot and Goo Glow are super mini collages made from scraps of paper, jell pen, marker, and stenciling (Tim Holtz splat and letter stencil).

These were random scrap collages, and the boot was a shape I just found in some refuse.

These minis could represent lost files within a computer, somewhere in scattered code.
(Cyberspace Repair 7-May 30, 2017- measures around 18.5 x 30 cm.)

In Cyberspace Repair 7, system fixes happen. Diva 1 roams this city and owns a cyber ship for high speed travel. 

This collage was inspired by paper scraps that reminded me of high heeled boots, and accents to a tight green suit. Character is hand drawn, the rest is done with green wrapping paper, paper scraps, marker, pen, and flier pictures. I left a view of just the background before adding Diva 1 (right).

(System Clean Up- Measure's around 8.5x11''- completed Sept. 21, 2017)

This collage represents system and program clean up, along with good habits of keeping computer equipment dusted on a daily basis. 

cyber girl 3 is the only name I currently have for the figure in the collage. Character is hand drawn and colored with Prismacolor markers. Her design was inspired by yet another scrap of paper that looked like an odd jacket with no sleeves. 

Cyber girl 3 ensures system clean up is remembered. She stands on a gold hover platform to move easily from one place to another.

Background and background elements are flier images, character is made on white card stock, her suit is made from green wrapping paper and scrap card stock, with marker and pen accents. 

 (Electric Orbit Internet Connection- Measures around 5x8.5''- Completed Sept. 22, 2017)

One of my favorite cyber girls is Electric Orbit, who ended up representing internet connection. Orbit was originally meant to wear the odd over coat which ended up on cyber girl 3. I liked Orbit without it, so I left her suit design alone and made cyber girl 3 just so I could use the over coat somewhere. 

Orbit is hand drawn and colored with Prismacolor markers on white card stock, with green scrapbook paper, marker, and pen accents. 

This collage was done directly on a page in the Blue Tech journal. The background itself is speckled, white card stock from Stampin Up; then I did a bit of stenciling using a Tim Holtz stencil and a light blue Le Plume marker for texture, and then added a corner bit and a floor with letter texture which was from a flier. Final details (the electric current that ripples from finger to finger on Orbit) were also clippings from an ad.

(Cyber Run Search Loading- Measures around 2.5x4''- completed Sept. 26, 2017)

Cyber Run is a mini afterthought collage created using random scraps of flier and wrapping paper, along with some hand drawing, marker, and sparkly pink jell pen. 

This collage represents code loading through search. Cyber run is a fun and fit little icon who's sure to get your giggle-bites going.